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Inspired by alternative, ethical, feminist, and experimental porn movements, we at Thousand Faces provide brain-food, eye-candy, and intellectual arousal in equal measure. With original music, stunning visuals, quirky themes, and taboo narratives. We passionately support and promote sex workers of all kinds both with our filmed content and with our ‘Sex Workers’ Stories’ page. We are in awe of all the amazing people making vibrant and important porn around the world, who it would only be right to credit here as the sparks that lit the fire of Thousand Faces.

"Porn is a medium, not a genre."

Pandora / Blake

This space is dedicated to the other great artists that inspire Thousand Faces and make the kind of important, gorgeous, mind-blowing work we think the world badly needs. Each of these creators pushes the boundaries of porn and what it means to express artistically through the medium of sexuality, as well as leading progressive movements for sex worker's rights, queer visibility, and anti-shaming through their work.

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